Starting a blog is easy. Using your blog to support your website goals is more challenging, but achievable. When you get started writing your blog, it’s important to write about topics that you and the audience your are building care about.

1. Do Your Research – It’s good to write about what you know about, but seek out other people’s knowledge too.

2. Know Your Competition – Look at what other bloggers are writing about on your subject and how they are writing about it.

3. Mix It Up - This means adding in a variety of media – podcasts, video, guest posts and slideshare presentations. But it also means blogging about other people’s podcasts, video, posts and presentations in your niche.

4. Plan on Becoming an Authority – Get ready to demonstrate to your readership that you are an expert in your field (if you’re not already). Having this as a goal will keep you focused on providing high-quality information.

5. Have Fun – if writing your blog becomes a chore, your readers are going to sense that. Challenge yourself to try out interesting angles for the stories you write. Your readers will appreciate your creativity.

6. Promote Your Blog – think about where your readers get their information and plan to be there too. If your readers go to Google to get their information, then make sure your using search engine optimization techniques that get you to the top of a Google search. If they are on Facebook or Twitter, make sure to have a presence there so that you can drive traffic back to your blog.

7. Publish Regularly – make a goal of writing a blog entry at least once a week and stick to your schedule. If you’re on vacation, have a guest blogger who knows your topic write for you.

Before you start your blog, think about these tips. Do a little brainstorming and put together a simple editorial calendar to support your blog strategy. And, remember, your blog is not just about you. Your blog is a place that your audience will want to go to for information on a topic that is important to them. With great content and a little promotion, building your audience and demonstrating your authority on a subject is not hard to do. Now, what are you waiting for? Get started with your blog today.

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